Welcome February 2008!

Out with the old template and in with the new. πŸ™‚ It’s been awhile I thought of changing my template but then I feel the load of work to do like saving the links of the stuff in the side bars. When I think of saving and arranging those links it feels like climbing up a high mountain. But tonight, while I was feeling bored, I decided to browse for a template that will suit this month and I started saving the links.

Now, 3 hours later – it’s up and some of the important links is also in place. πŸ™‚

I chose red because it is the love month. πŸ™‚ It’s the season of love – hmmm I can smell lovely red roses and imagine the taste of yummylicious chocolates and endless decorations of reds in heart shapes or cupid shapes.
Happy Love Month to all of you.

image source: parentingleehansendotcom

Ripple Effect

That’s a picture of a quiet river. (not my own) Throw a peeble on the water and you can see the ripple reaction.

I like to compare people to that river. Sometimes people just do things because others are doing it. They don’t take time to really understand things but they right away jump to conclusion because others are doing it. And it also happens to me at times – just like this paid blogging. Since I saw many are doing it I did join, too. hehehehe

Today morning, someone said to me that he want his name erased from the orders. I already heared some talks that A is better than B and B is better than C. So better — they would cancel their orders with A. I cannot hold them. If they want to back out fine but I them to bravely reason out why they would back out. Instead – the guy said answered, “coz they said so.” πŸ˜€ Poor guy. He wanted the thing so badly and yet he backed out because he saw others back out. I just wonder where was his backbone that moment.

It is a different thing when you change your mind for a thing because you want it and your change your mind because they said so or others wanted you, too. Am sure the latter can make you feel guilty. πŸ™‚

Photo credit: welshlady of Flicker.

M & Ms Woke Me Up Just Now

I was feeling drowsy a little while back because I took 2 pcs of antihistamine 4 gms each after breakfast. So at 8:30 I feel soooooo sleepy and i am fighting it off by drinking a lot of water. I know it was due to the meds. I am experiencing itchiness for some days now and it is the first time since the the last time I did the elimination diet to track what caused my allergy. Even before the doctor can diagnosed me properly, I know that I cannot tolerate toomuch protein that’s why my skin breaks into blisters when I had too much of it in my system.

Well, am so sleepy at work and I have so many things to do aside from blogging inbetweens, I said to myself that I should wake up. I can’t just go home now and sleep for 3 hours to wane off the meds effect. So what I did? I ate 5 pcs of those round M and Ms. My boss gave me a pack last october and until now I haven’t eaten it all yet. And in just 5 minutes I felt that the pressure of heaviness at the base of neck was pulled away. My hands seems lighter that my penmanship improved. And last but not the least, I find myself now keying in my words for this entry.

Thanks to M and Ms. Am sure it’s the chocolate and peanuts that made me feel better. I only had half cup of rice and a cup of green vegies plus 2 slices of papaya. so I think there’s no protein in it so it made me more sluggish.


We challenge everyone to participate in this “Big Bang – World Record” Tag. Our goal is to exceed 1.000 links. Together let us try to reach the goal by following the simple rules This is real fun. Thanks to Juliana for letting me join the Big Bang wagon.

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I would like to pass this Big Bang tag to: Mitch, Annie, Jen, Jess, Yen, Raquel, Hailey, Juliana, Rachel, Era

Off for Lunch

Since I started limitting my rice intake I now experience this hunger pains 30 minutes before lunch time. For 3 days now it happened and I have to suffer that pain 30 minutes or more because work has to end at 12 noon. Well I eat at exact 12 noon as we usually have breakfast at 7 am or 7:15 am. The book says, we should eat healthy and avoid between meals and drink tons of water. And the best time to eat meals is 5 hours after the last meal. Except of course the dinner and the breakfast the next day. But before i started my 1 cup per meal, I eat more than 1 cup and I could last until 3 pm for lunch. For now, no betweeen meals but just lots of water.
Ohhh enough of this post. Let me grab my lunch first and I will be back here.
Happy reading, friends!

Tuesday Toot # 1

January 29, 2008

I thank Marie for hosting this new weekly Meme. I hope more will join this meme. Oohhh i am sure am gonna love this meme. πŸ™‚

My accomplishment this week is not really big but it means a lot to me and that is joining gym for a weightloss program.

I 10000% sure know that I should have done this thing last year yet before my weight has gone up to an unimaginable # compared to the 100 pounds I was 10 years ago. I have so many reasons why I didn’t care much about exercise and the couple reasons are: lazyness and lack the drive to do it. I always complain to exercise is boring when I do it alone — but now, I realized that no matter how boring, I should do it or else am gonna die early and if that happens (dying young now) I will surely leave a big hole of insecurity in the life of my daughter for having no dad since birth and no mom at the age of ten.

This accomplishment now is not yet BIG for me but for those who have seen me ballooned, they are happy and clapping their hands that I am into it and that they are wishing me all the best. They hope this will uplift my depressed personality so that I can go back to my desired weight.

A New Meme – Tuesday Meme

Marie of Mommy Community has come up with a new meme called Tuesday Toot. The main idea of the meme is to “Toot our Own Horns” by talking about our own accomplishments. If we don’t have accomplishments for the week, then maybe we can talk of someone’s accomplishments. And of course this meme will be done every Tuesdays. You don’t have to wait anymore for any themes. You can make yourpost anytime on a Tuesday and drop your link at Marie’s blog.

Today is Tuesday so why not start now and drop your links HERE.

As a kick-off, Marie is giving away a prize gift for those who will join and drop comment at her blog. I think moms and dads and welcome here. I think even singles can also join. πŸ™‚

The Hand

One of my favorite songs in the Sabbath school when i was a kid is this:

Oh be careful little hand what you do
Oh be careful little hand what you do
For the Father up above
Is looking down with love
Oh be careful
little hand what you do.

Doesn’t that sound nice? I like it. You can sing the same tune with the following phrases:

…eyes what you see
…mouth what you say
…feet where you go

My thought is now focused on the hand. My hand. Our hands! Am sure by now as you read this, you also take time to notice your hand busy working on the keyboard of your pc’s. right? πŸ™‚

Well, for me, having a career that really involves my hand, my hand is a very important and most precious part of me. My hands are not the ideal smooth ones. They are rough because I do household chores manually. There are no high-tech stuff to do our chores at home yet — so my hand is always my partner. Using my hand at work, encoding for more than 9 hours a day plus 3 hours online from home – i think I tire my hands too much. So for now, she has that greeny thinny web visible with the naked eye. Long before, I love the look of it, but now that am older, I wish I can spare sometime to rest my hands.

Our hands can do so many things. Good and bad. right? But am sure there are more goodies to be done by our hands than the bad ones. The following are some of the things are hands can do at work, at home, and anywhere, anytime of the day.

– fold in prayer
– prepare food
– water the plants
– harvest fruits
– care for our child
– encode or type
– sweep the floor
– wash the dishes
– dust the whole place (house/oifice/)
– play an instrument (piano/guitar/harp/violin…)
– play sports (basketball/volleyball/baseball/tennis/cricket…)
– build a house
– plant a tree
– operate on a patient
– assist a birthing mother

I know the list can go on and on. And am sure all of you will agree with me that our hands is one of the most important part of our body.

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