Welcome February 2008!


Out with the old template and in with the new. 🙂 It’s been awhile I thought of changing my template but then I feel the load of work to do like saving the links of the stuff in the side bars. When I think of saving and arranging those links it feels like climbing up… Continue Reading

Ripple Effect


That’s a picture of a quiet river. (not my own) Throw a peeble on the water and you can see the ripple reaction. I like to compare people to that river. Sometimes people just do things because others are doing it. They don’t take time to really understand things but they right away jump to… Continue Reading

M & Ms Woke Me Up Just Now


I was feeling drowsy a little while back because I took 2 pcs of antihistamine 4 gms each after breakfast. So at 8:30 I feel soooooo sleepy and i am fighting it off by drinking a lot of water. I know it was due to the meds. I am experiencing itchiness for some days now… Continue Reading


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We challenge everyone to participate in this “Big Bang – World Record” Tag. Our goal is to exceed 1.000 links. Together let us try to reach the goal by following the simple rules This is real fun. Thanks to Juliana for letting me join the Big Bang wagon. *Start Copy Here* RULES: 1. You do… Continue Reading

Off for Lunch


Since I started limitting my rice intake I now experience this hunger pains 30 minutes before lunch time. For 3 days now it happened and I have to suffer that pain 30 minutes or more because work has to end at 12 noon. Well I eat at exact 12 noon as we usually have breakfast… Continue Reading

Tuesday Toot # 1


January 29, 2008 I thank Marie for hosting this new weekly Meme. I hope more will join this meme. Oohhh i am sure am gonna love this meme. 🙂 My accomplishment this week is not really big but it means a lot to me and that is joining gym for a weightloss program. I 10000%… Continue Reading

A New Meme – Tuesday Meme

Marie of Mommy Community has come up with a new meme called Tuesday Toot. The main idea of the meme is to “Toot our Own Horns” by talking about our own accomplishments. If we don’t have accomplishments for the week, then maybe we can talk of someone’s accomplishments. And of course this meme will be… Continue Reading

The Hand


One of my favorite songs in the Sabbath school when i was a kid is this: Oh be careful little hand what you doOh be careful little hand what you doFor the Father up aboveIs looking down with loveOh be carefullittle hand what you do. Doesn’t that sound nice? I like it. You can sing… Continue Reading