7 Weird Things

Tagged by Lolli and I am really hoping that this can be done before January 1, 2008 at least I don’t owe anyone some unfinished tags. Hahaha! Thanks Lolli.

– I love the word chocolate. In my mind they taste so yummylicious but really – I don’t eat chocolate candies or chocolate bars. If am blessed with candies and bars, I gave them away to my family.
– I was born, raised and lived most of my life now here in the Philippines but I love snow and wish that Philippines has 4 seasons.
– I want to experience staying in Afghanistan or Iraq at least a year.
– I 99% slept past beyond midnight for 5 years now.
– I love Chinese food but I don’t like their watery sweets.
– I can live life without meats.
– I don’t have plans of getting married again but yet I dreamed to have that wedding every young girls’ dream.

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New Year Preparations and Etc.

I didn’t busy myself today in shopping for food for the new year’s night. Instead I busied myself cleaning. “totally” cleaning (head to toe) (top to bottom) my bedroom. I started at 9 AM and I ended up past 3. I moved the pc case and pc outside the bedroom and change the position of the bed. It ended up that we got almost half of the room unoccupied. It does not matter the door won’t open wide but at least we got more than a meter wide space of floor. Dimple likes the new look very much.

My wrist is painful. I guess I have used it so much in washing last night and when I wringed the towel, it was jst suddenly painful. I have experienced this before too back in china when I handwash big or heavy clothes. I hope this will just go away soon.

Tomorrow is the last day of 2007 and then 2008 comes. Goodbye 2007 and welcome 2008. May the coming year be a great year for all of us. Hope to blog later or til tomorrow my hopes and goals for the coming new year. 🙂

ONe interesting news I read this evening was the one that a Woman finds dead rat in her cracker. Not a dried dead rat, but it seems not yet so old because according to the news, it still stinks and she lost her appetite for the days. yayyy. You can read the whole news HERE.

Movie Marathon Week-end!

I started my week-end with movies yesterday although i’ve been on and off watching some of my old movies in the past week to break boredom. One thing I really treasure im my movie watching was time spent being with my girl. She’s having nice time too and occassional pauses to ask and answer her questions.

I was watching Second in Command last night. It was one of the old movies of Van D and it is my 2nd time to watched it too, but last nights viewing made me think of the death of exPM – Madame Bhutto who died in a merciless death but honorable one because she was on the act of serving her country. The movie depicted USA trying to save a president from a revolutionary militia and the rescue was successful although there were many unnecessary deaths. Some of the lines i can’t forget in the movie was with President Anirev said: “if my surrender will stop kidnappings and bloodshed, it’s been a long time I have given up myself, but that is not likely to happen…” That statement made me conclude that no matter who is being voted as leader of a country or whatever organization, there will always be a handful that will never be satisfied. Anyway, it was a good movie.

After that movie, I watched Three Seasons (a Vietnamese movie). Today I started it with another old movie – Clerks – with an unforgetable tag of: Just because they serve you doesn’t mean they LIKE you. It make sense. hahaha!

This afternoon, Dimple and I snuggled in bed to watch Butterfly Effects. She think it was scary so she lay down so close to me. On the Part II, she did not finish it because she fall asleep. The movie is not Rated semi-violence and sexy so i have to cover her eyes from time to time. hahahaaha

Happy Week-end, everyone!