7 Weird Things


Tagged by Lolli and I am really hoping that this can be done before January 1, 2008 at least I don’t owe anyone some unfinished tags. Hahaha! Thanks Lolli. – I love the word chocolate. In my mind they taste so yummylicious but really – I don’t eat chocolate candies or chocolate bars. If am… Continue Reading

New Year Preparations and Etc.


I didn’t busy myself today in shopping for food for the new year’s night. Instead I busied myself cleaning. “totally” cleaning (head to toe) (top to bottom) my bedroom. I started at 9 AM and I ended up past 3. I moved the pc case and pc outside the bedroom and change the position of… Continue Reading

Movie Marathon Week-end!

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I started my week-end with movies yesterday although i’ve been on and off watching some of my old movies in the past week to break boredom. One thing I really treasure im my movie watching was time spent being with my girl. She’s having nice time too and occassional pauses to ask and answer her… Continue Reading

Blogthings Concluded


My Mind is 43% Cluttered Your mind is starting to get cluttered, and as a result, it’s a little harder for you to keep focused. Try to let go of your pettiest worries and concerns. The worrying is worse than the actual problems! How Cluttered is Your Mind? Heheheehe, hope to unclutter them in a… Continue Reading

Christmas Giveaway @ Poetic Money


Here’s another blog contest that everyone of you who visits my site might like to join. This is a unique contest compared to most blog contests in the sense that the winner here is the person who has the most entries. How to do that? Read on… Here’s how: Subscribe to the rssFeed. (5 entries)… Continue Reading

Listen, Guess, and Win!

I just wanna share this find! Incase you might have not yet known…. I bumped into a very interesting contest at Contestbeat. Guess a sound and you will win #300.00! Isn’t that cool? So click in HERE and you might be the lucky winner, if I won’t be. All you need to do is click… Continue Reading

Holiday Wishes


One of the things that was busy during the Christmas night especially is the celphone. 🙂 Did your phone beeped continuously throughout the night? Well for me, not really, but it there were enough beeps to make my inbox full. Let me share with everyone of you here a greeting that really inspired me and… Continue Reading

Remembering Chrismtas Past


At home (December 24, 2004) On the way to the class’ party (12/24/2004) Christmas dinner with the English deparment faculty and staff (my treat). We had exchanging gift. Some teachers got drunk. hahaha (12/24/2004 late evening) Me & Santa Clause at the hotel lobby (12/25/2004 3 AM – after the disco) Christmas night shots (12/24/2005)… Continue Reading