My Firsts

New moms love to take note of their FIRST baby’s FIRSTS. My mom is now 65 years old and i wonder if she can still recall some of my FIRSTS as a baby. hehehe. I was a “home-away mom” so i don’t have a record of my girl’s firsts. I guess we jst have in… Continue Reading

What Will You Be When You Grow Up?

When i was still a little girl (before grade school), my parents or aunts and uncles would ask me that. My answer would always be, I am going to be a stewardes. They would reply, what? a stewardess?. Yes, a stewardess of China Airlines. And now i can still feel the proudness of my voice… Continue Reading

They Shay Story

Below is a story whose author i did not know. I don’t know if this is a true account or the author just wanted to let us read this to boost up our morals. Whoever wrote this — thanks to you — it made me shed a tear.At a fundraising dinner for a school that… Continue Reading

Is She Pregant?

She’s a family. She manifested some questionable actions lately. Though she is close but really haven’t taken time to know her personal life. She’s still a student and also struggling financially to finish college. And as family, I do want her to finish up and work and make a life of her own comfortably opposite… Continue Reading

Not New to Blogging


Actually this is not my first blog although i’ve posted last night that this is a new blog and that was my first post. 😀 Yes, this is not my first blog. If you have time, I would appreciate it if you can visit my other sites: All About Her Life is What We Make… Continue Reading

Can You Dance?

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I can’t but with this blog theme, I can. 🙂 I liken life to a dance step that no matter how hard it is and it does not matter you go to dance school to learn to dance it, yet — one has to dance according to the tune of what comes in a day…. Continue Reading

New Blog!


This is my first post. I think… Blogging is addicting, So here I am signing in… Or am into something… that is why this blog is conceived. 😀