F4 Meteor Rain (Liu Xing Yu)

From the 2001 drama

From 2018 drama

Background why I love this song?!

I am an F4 fan forever here.

First F4 I watched was the Taiwan/Chinese version.  In spite the goodness of Hua Ze Lei, I fell for Dao Ming Si because in spite his rough looks and ways, there’s something good inside, the good that possibly at the beginning he did not know that he can be good. Because of the goodness buried deep inside, she feel for Shan Cai.  I can really relate with Shan Cai ha ha ha

Second F4 I watched was the korean version Boys Over Flowers.  Then I also fell in love with Gong Pyu. ha ha ha although Jan Di was sort of more soft and tanga! lols!

I haven’t watched the Japanese version but I hope to watch it one of these days.  But then I possibly could watch the 2018 remake first which will be shown anytime soon.

Now click on the vid and sing along!

[Vic Zhou Yu Ming]
Wen rou de xing kong
Ying gai rang ni gan dong
Wo zai ni shen hou
Wei ni bu zhi yi pian tian kong

[Jerry Yan Cheng Xu]
Bu zhun ni nan guo
Ti ni bai ping ji mo
Mong xiang de zhong liang
Quan bu dou jiao gei wo

[Vanness Wu Jian Hao]
Qian ni shou Gen zhe wo zou
Fong zai da you zen yang
Ni you le wo
Zai ye bu hui mi lu fang xiang

Pei ni qu kan liu xing yu
Luo zai zhe di qiu shang
Rang ni de lei
Luo zai wo jian bang
Yao ni xiang xin wo de ai
Zhi ken wei ni yong gan
Ni hui kan jian
Xing fu de suo zai

[Jerry Yan Cheng Xu]
Shang gan ruo tai duo
Xin diu gei wo bao hu
Pi juan de yan huo
Wo hui ti ni dou gan zou

[Vic Zhou Yu Ming]
Can lan de yan yu
Zhi neng dian zui gan qing
Ruo guo wo chen mo
Ying wei wo zhen de ai ni

[Ken Zhu Xiao Tian]
Qian ni shou Gen zhe wo zou
Fong zai da you zen yang
Ni you le wo
Zai ye bu hui mi lu fang xiang

Pei ni qu kan liu xing yu
Luo zai zhe di qiu shang
Rang ni de lei
Luo zai wo jian bang
Yao ni xiang xin wo de ai
Zhi ken wei ni yong gan
Ni hui kan jian
Xing fu de suo zai

[Vanness Wu Jian Hao]
Yu he yun jian jian san kai
Sa xia yi pian wen nuan
Wo yao fen xiang ni yan zhong
De lei guang

Pei ni qu kan liu xing yu
Luo zai zhe di qiu shang
Rang ni de lei
Luo zai wo jian bang
Yao ni xiang xin wo de ai
Zhi ken wei ni yong gan
Ni hui kan jian
Xing fu de suo zai [x2


*Video and lyrics source:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYT5Zd9qFHk

Wishing for a Seoul Evening


  • The Namsan Tower (Summer 2017)


Last night, I posted this photo on my Facebook wall with the caption: “Dreaming for a Seoul evening.” After work, I took time to browse youtube going from one LMH vids to another. Then while listening to the songs of his My Everything album, I suddenly felt a very strong “missing Seoul” feeling that I could almost cry.

Well, I really have days like this especially during the seasons I visited South Korea – spring and summer for now.  I then wonder how would I feel when I can complete my bucketlist of being there for autumn and winter.  Maybe I will decide to relocate there. ha ha ha


NAMI ISLAND : Spring 2016

The first time I travelled to Seoul, South Korea was during the Spring 2016.  There was so much places to see, but we have a little time and little money.

One of our favorite places during the trip was in Nami Island.


We went there through a private car.  I guess we just want to make sure that we don’t get lost along the way, so to do that, we hired our friend Long Long’s services – a tour to Petit’ France & Nami Island with a side trip to the English Village – a destination that we were sure we cannot go if we take the public rides.  So if you will ask us how did we travel to Nami Island & English Village, well our answer would be, “we hired a private car.”

I thought I took so much photo with my camera during that Nami trip.  But my folder says the opposite – possibly the photos that I took are more on object rather than the view. It was spring time so the trees were not verdant green, some trees are even bald.  We only set 3 hours to roam the area – but in reality, I was not able to go around the whole place.  Our time was eaten away by taking photos.  Each of us has camera so we have our own takes and then we have “partner” takes – solo pictures must be taken with partners so that you could take turns.  That’s what really  happened to us.


I got interested with these framed passports, ancient Korean coins,
and philatelic stamps — because I love stamps!
The big ancient coin is valued at 5,000 won and the smaller one is valued at 1,000 won.

I failed to ask if they have stamps for sale at the counter where we bought our tickets.
I wish someday I can by a Dual Passport or why not a Permanent Passport.


At Gapyeong wharf.  We are in queue for a boat ride to the island.
Look closely at the roof rods — can you spot the Philippine flag?

Nami is a beautiful place all year round.  In another post, I will  be describing why I wanted to visit Nami and why I love Nami.


This ferry starts to leave the Nami wharf as we were approaching the Island.
This is identical to the ferry we were on.



The welcome sign with the wooden map of the island.



I love this!  Nami is a must visit place for tourist from all over the world.
So they have this greetings in different languages right at the central pine tree lane.



Because it is spring, the roads are dry and dusty and it is so obvious if you look down.
We suggest you look up to enjoy the beauty more the beauty of nature.


This umbrella photo is from the first shop we saw while going up the main lane.  But I was not able
to go in to ask if those umbrellas are for sale.  The umbrellas depict the Nami Island in 4 seasons –
winter, spring, summer, and fall!  Even before I set foot in South Korea,
Nami Island visit in 4 seasons has been in my bucket list.


The Song Museum
(to be visited in the future travels)



Miniatures depicting Winter Sonata drama – a wooden version of the little snowman
Joon Sang and Yoo Jin made on their winter day date.



Entrance to the Maple Lane but notice the dry road and the bare treetops —

Maple trees with budding leaves although it look like it is bald.
The green trees behind are the Birch trees.



The Unicef Hall. Just for my eyes only. No time to go in and check out.
Going in must be a must in the future trip.


Bald  Metasequoia Trees


“Lost girl” in Nami @ the Metasequoia Lane. ha ha ha



Another shop that sells souvenir items.

There were several within the Island.  I just took photos because I know I do not have time to go in there and check their stuff. Although I went in to one to purchase a ref magnet and a couple of philatelic stamps.


I wish I had time to write cards and post it here.  There are several postal shops in the Island.
I have to note that I should do this next time.



Pretty tree!
I’d like to think that this tree stood poised in whatever season comes to the Island.
I’d like to guess that this angles will look very nice during the summer season.

Based on this post, you might say that it is not worth to visit the Island during the Spring.  For me, in spite it looks a little bit dull in many angles,  visiting it in spring is not a waste of time.  Nami Island is pretty in all seasons.  Each season brings out a different and unique beauty in spite the trees and many memorable spots look the same.

So here’s my last photo for this post, a photo I took as we left the wharf.



Annyeong Nami!  Until the next time!


I had more photos to share but I will do it in another post because those are more of Winter Sonata stuff.







Accidentally Cried




















I was talking with someone and just suddenly I bursted into tears.  I bet so much has been built inside me and had no time to really vent it out verbally.

It’s not an easy life now, but I trust it will be alright tomorrow.